Sunday, April 30, 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson On God

     Call This One My Sunday Sermon

Dittos Here
The Bible's old testament speaks of a wrathful God who punishes those who won't worship at his feet. The Bible's new testament speaks of an ever loving all forgiving embracing God no matter what. Sounds like there should be two separate religions based on either instead of one single religion called Christianity. They're in complete opposites. What's with that?

There are literally thousands of religions What each have in common is their "none communality" with all others beliefs who differ. Each believe God needs man's help to fulfill some sort of mission. Here are these thousands of belief systems so full of themselves they deny the very tenants of each of their proclamations--that God is all powerful. Talk about people self deluding themselves in hypocrisy !

Here's What I Believe
There is this something that exists in all things wherein he/she/it expresses itself wherever it is possible to occupy some "thing". This "thing"--whatever it is--then seeks some sort of permanence which is not possible. Thus trouble arises when whatever is occupied seeks to prolong it's existence. We as individuals are of that nature. Trees, plants, animals even solar systems are as well. Each seeks further existence at the expense of another.

This he/she/it is beyond all such things as good/evil, right/wrong, pleasure/suffering or any other way we measure such "things". If we ever hope to understand the nature of so-called God he/she/it cannot be understood in such terms. For a start we have to accept there is a certain consciousness in all "things" which has no such permanence. Whatever this source possesses is unto itself. This brings us to the debate whether there's a after life.

If we never existed before one's individual birth would it even matter if there were none in the hereafter? No punishment--no reward. No nothing say for the life span he/she/it occupied for the time being of a so-called individual human, plant or animal

So how about this instead. (1) We seek in the short time span we have available for our understanding the nature of this he/she/it. (2) Try and make comfortable as possible in all "things" who share in this commonality. (3) Admit to ourselves not one "thing" may have an existence beyond this one. Hence make a determined effort to not cut short or make someone else suffer because of our actions needlessly.

I truly don't know whether this being is a personal God or not. Whether he/she/it gives a crap is up to debate, but being we're in this together for a short time--SHOULD'NT WE !

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