Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Latest Goings On In The Swamp

CNN: White House considering order to withdraw from NAFTA
"One senior administration official stressed that this is something Trump has "always been considering" and while the White House is currently considering an executive order, the official stressed a lot could change in the coming days.""

NAFTA like so many other trade agreements has no expiration date. Which means we're stuck with it. "Withdrawing" from it is not an option. Exiting such agreement would imply the United States could no longer be trusted in any of our contracts with other nations. Lord knows NAFTA needs some updating in this I concur. However this is no way to go about it. His continual habit of bullying others isn't going to turn out well for him or this country. We're one nation among many. I'm sure China, Europe or Russia would be more then happy to exploit this to their own advantage. Keep this up and see where it gets us.

FORBES: Trump's Tax Plan Is Even More Dangerous Than It Sounded
"Corporations on the whole get to use a wide range of tax strategies, credits, incentives, and loopholes to bring that 35% down to about 14%. In any given year, according to the most recent U.S. General Accountability Office analysis, at least two-thirds of active corporations pay no federal taxes at all."

Yeah even Forbes isn't too hot on the idea. Imagine that! I think of it in this way. Suppose I'm someone who owes over $19 trillion in debts. So I decide to go part-time bringing in far less earnings. It makes about as much sense. Face it none of us likes paying taxes, but we've been through this two times before. Once when Reagan tried it and again when George W. did it again. Anyone seriously believe the 3rd will be a charm? Not a single company is going to hire one more employee then they need. Any windfall they receive will go into investors pockets and that includes the Donald. Think of it as a gift from Donald to himself and the 1% at the top.

The moment I heard this happened I knew the Donald would blow a gasket on twitter. What Donald fails to realize the supreme court gets to decide what goes before it or not. Now that the judiciary branch of government has been added to Donald's list they're joined by Obama hanging-oners, the media, distrusted intelligence officials, refugees, poorly managed agency leaders and the congressional members resisting Obamacare repeal. Speaking of which....

The Hill: House GOP health bill changes exempt members of Congress
"The GOP amendment exempts members of Congress and their staffs to ensure that they will still be protected by those ObamaCare provisions."

For a plan congress claims sucks they'd sure would like to hang on to it for themselves.

Courtesy"Trump's' Bait & Switch"--

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