Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Jobs- Trump Got It All Wrong

Somehow this president thinks by blocking jobs from going to other countries he can "Make America Great Again".

Following his short sighted plans will do the opposite.

If America is to stay in the lead we need to focus on regaining the lead in technological development. Bringing back coal isn't going to cut it. Neither is any plan that fails to recognize we're not competing with other nation's workers.

What we are competing with is other nations abilities to stay ahead by the use of evolving technology.

At one time we were at the forefront of the industrial revolution. That's what made us a great nation. It wasn't because we had harder workers. It was because Henry Ford came up with a better way of making automobiles cheaper and faster then anybody else. We developed computers before anyone else. It was because of these and hundreds of other technological advances we remained at the forefront (up to now).

An old adage says "work smarter, not harder". This philosophy more then ever still applies today. It doesn't matter whether it's China or anywhere else. Any nation's government that doesn't encourage innovation will be left behind along with it's workers and economy.

Donald's Trump's polices are taking us in the wrong direction from where we need to go. We can't pretend he can bring back the same jobs we had years ago. Not while the rest of the world moved beyond coal, electric steam generators and gas guzzling automobiles we made 20 years ago. He, the American workers and voters need to insist on developing forward looking policies. Either that or we can one day hope the wagon wheel industry will one day make a comeback.

Even China knows the importance of technology if they want to stay ahead.
Published on Sep 11, 2016

Published on May 31, 2016

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