Friday, April 7, 2017

Jersey Blueberries--I Wondered About This

"" is reporting on something I thought about--blueberries.
HAMMONTON: "I’m very worried about it. ... I know a lot of other farmers are, too” said Bill Mortellite, a third-generation blueberry grower... he’s trying to round up his labor crew for the upcoming summer, but like other farmers here is worried about how the Trump Administration’s crackdown on immigrants will affect migrant workers... the grower was anticipating having a hard time finding his usual crew of about 125 migrant laborers.. "Atlantic Blueberry" needs about 500 workers each summer to farm the operation’s 1,000 acres and work in its packing house." This family is a huge consumer. The wife bakes them in muffins and homemade pancakes/waffles. The granddaughters eat a bowl of them at a time and we make shakes out of them.

Although the job pays well--the hours are long and the work is hard.

Simply put--I don't see American workers willing to pick them

Much of the same problems exist on farms from coast to coast. Whether it be vegetable/fruit crops, dairy or meat operations a bunch of farms are having trouble finding labor. So are the seasonal amusement parks and contractors who relied on foreign labor..

Enough Said
Unless we adopt better policies consumers are going to be hit hard

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