Monday, April 17, 2017

Immigration Reform Over 35 Years And Still Counting

Talk of reform started back in the days of Ronald Reagan. Still Congress fails to act unto this day. If Donald Trump thinks Congress is going to help or pay for his wall he's fooling himself. Numerous presidents have been on this journey before. Here's a few videos which demonstrate why this will never happen for Donald.

President Obama was fooled as well. Here he is speaking to the press after meeting with a bipartisan group of Congressional leaders to discuss ideas for immigration reform. June 25, 2009.

Here he is again speaking from the White House Rose Garden on June 30, 2014.
(five long years later of his frustrations)

Again on Nov 22, 2014
(some five months after that)

Now let's move on to the the 3rd presidential debate in 2016

Congress couldn't agree on having eggs or pancakes for breakfast. The thing we do know is if Democrats want pancakes...Republicans want eggs. So too vice versa. Bipartisan immigration reform isn't ever going to happen. Trump lied about Hillary's position on immigration. Hillary exaggerated Donald's (or did she given what's happening under his executive orders?).

Barack Obama sincerely tried to reach a compromise. Republicans wouldn't have any part of it. Trump on the other hand thinks he can steamroll congress now that he's president.

I'm here to tell ya, it doesn't matter whether someone (even the President) believes immigration is evil or one that adds value to our nation... congress will make damn sure this never gets resolved. It's too important to both sides when it comes to BS'ing their way back into office. There are sensible solutions. But you can bet your bottom dollar both sides will keep their bases fired up. We and the immigrants are just the monkeys in the middle.

One side pretends the other wants an open door policy. The other wants to completely shut out immigration. Neither of these are a practical solution.

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