Sunday, April 9, 2017

Gambler's Date Night Cost Him $100,000

Boston's WHDH TV 7 News reported on 04/07/2017 how a man was denied a $100,000 jackpot because a woman pushed the button instead of him. Evidently it doesn't matter who is paying for the slot machine. The only thing that matters is who pushes the button. Supposedly he told her to push the button for him hoping for good luck. Turns out it was quite lucky.. for her. Him.. not so much.

Reportedly she walked out of the Ft. Lauderdale casino with the $100g's in hand leaving him behind. It was said she even had the nerve to ask security to escort her out alone so her date couldn't follow her.

Personally I don't see those two having much of a future. Too many differences. His understanding of getting lucky is apparently far different then hers.

Besides it looks like she already gave him a "honey moon".

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