Monday, April 24, 2017

FOX News The Official News Source 4 All Things Trump

"The State Department on Monday announced the hiring of former “Fox and Friends” host Heather Nauert as the department’s official spokeswoman."
My Comments
I don't have a problem with people preferring to watch FOX, CNN or MSNBC--but it's entirely another thing with the president of the United States throwing his lot in entirely with only one of either of them. This is nutz!

A president is suppose to represent all sides. This president has made it more then clear--the hell with other peoples views. In doing so he has drawn the battle lines he so richly deserves to be embroiled in. He acts like he's some sort of world 's reality game TV show host.


This is the real deal. People's lives all over the world are at stake. I'm not someone sore he's won the election by any means. What I am concerned about is this guy's constant war with the other half he refuses to acknowledge or listen to.

I can't say I've agreed with other presidents, but this guy is unlike anything I've ever seen in my lifetime.

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