Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why IRS Budget Cuts Bad Idea

"An Allentown woman has admitted her role in a scheme to file fake federal tax returns using stolen social security numbers."

Stop The Bleed
I read he other day about how the IRS was complaining due to budgets cuts they are down over 1,500 workers. No doubt a number of them are due to E-filers. However-as we read in the story above-IRS auditors are needed now more then ever. I can't imagine any of us-honest taxpayers-would be in favor of tax cheats. If we're going to streamline the IRS the last area we should be making cuts are in tax enforcement.

Hopefully if the money should ever be recovered from these tax cheats it will go directly back into hiring additional IRS auditors.

Same goes with those who screw over Social Security and Medicare.

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