Thursday, March 23, 2017

Whole World Is FOS

What I learned over the last few years. The whole world is FOS.

Past History
Roosevelt loved Stalin. Thought he'd be a great partner as long as he agreed to attack the Japanese after the defeat of Germany. He also agreed in 1945 how'd Russia, we and Britain would divvy up countries after the war at the Yalta conference in Crimea. Roosevelt even laughed at and played Churchill as a fool in order to win over Stalin to the cause. Eventually all three turned out to be FOS.

Shortly after the conference Churchill somewhat undercover visited China in the hopes of winning over the Chinese government to find favor with the British Empire over U.S. interests. Churchill (a heavy drinker) once stated Anglo-Saxons were meant to be the superior race Thus justification for the continued British colonies rule over India, Africa and elsewhere.

As Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt canoodled millions continued to die fighting Japan and Hitler's troops. While at the same time the FOS madman (who never honored a treaty in his life) barked out orders safely tucked away in his mountain retreat.

Prior to this in 1944 the Democratic party destroyed heir apparent Henry Wallace's chances at becoming vice president They played every trick possible to make far less deserving Harry Truman their candidate. This eventually led to Truman becoming President despite the extreme support of delegates for Wallace at the convention. Much like they did screwing over Bernie Sanders enabling Hillary in 2016.

Moving Ahead A Few Years
The Vietnamese were portrayed as our enemies. We spread napalm, agent orange, land mines and destroyed villages like there was no tomorrow. No one yet seems to have an explanation how they'd been a threat to the United States to this day. A few decades later we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq even though all evidence pointed towards Saudi Arabia for the attacks on 9/11.

Republicans along with Trump promise cheaper and better healthcare for all. A greater America for each and everyone great or small.

Democrats--who manipulated the convention in 2016 to oust Bernie Sanders are as guilty as conservatives who redistricted voting areas. Our individually perceived enemies in each and every case are FOS as all the others throughout history just as they are now.

For these reasons and many more since the biblical days I've concluded the whole world always was FOS. Whether it comes down to ethnicity, religion, whatever government is in power or anything that divides us provoking mankind to kill one another or screw over one another financially for whatever cause is nothing but more then BS.

I agree there will always be bad actors needing to be caged--other then them--ethnicity, religion nor nationality makes us not any different from one another. We're all FOS one way or another, but this killing millions of each other is beyond stupid. Imagine someone far superior looking down at this planet. There are few innocents to be found here. We not only look like fools, but who'd want to associate with the likes of us?

Surely The Gods Must Laughing At Our Foolishness

Anyone wanting an eye opening experience of history should check out Oliver Stone's "Untold History Of The United States".

It's available on DVD and also for streaming on 'Netflix'.

This is what inspired me to write this piece.

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