Saturday, March 18, 2017

Where Did Uncle Jay Go?

Two of the most popular posts I've done was concerning "Uncle Jay Explains The News". I did one on May 21, 2013. Another on December 23, 2013. Between the two I've received several thousands of hits from those wanting to know where he went?

Here's One Of His Last Videos (Posted 02/03/14)

One Of Many Dozens Spanning 7+ Years

To learn more about Uncle Jay in his own words click on HIS WEBSITE. His full radio name was Jay Gilbert. "Uncle Jay" Gilbert worked at WEBN-FM 102.7 in Cincinnati, Ohio for 25 years up until he got fired on Thursday, December 6th, 2012. In a previous article (which since disappeared) he explained how he got axed like so many others on radios stations across the country as each turned towards automation and satellite feeds in efforts to avoid paying local live talent. In-so-much as he was a victim of it to that end he turned to YouTube. Now he's even disappeared from there. So I set out on a mission to see if I could find out where he's gone.

I started my quest with a search of 'Google'. I came up with his Twitter account. Alas the last post he made was on December 1, 2013. No answers there. Next I found his Facebook page. No luck either. His last post was April 27, 2014. Then I came across this blog posted in June 2010. It contained a link to 'Wikipedia'. Another dead end. Apparently Wikipedia since then removed it.

Finally I did find him on FOX FM 92.5's Facebook page. However the last post there was on April 21, 2016. Apparently at that time he hosted a program from 3-7pm in Cincinnati. Going forward clicking on the link to FOX 92.5 itself brings up Uncle Jay as now hosting a classic rock radio program from 4pm-7pm Monday through Friday.

I haven't had chance to check out his program because both my browsers refuse to play the feed. If I can get either one to work I will update accordingly. Otherwise if there's someone living in the Cincinnati area--who can verify this-- a response would be most appreciated. Not just for myself but by many others who visit this blog looking for an answer to where Uncle Jay has gone.

I'll leave you with one more "Uncle jay Explains.." classic

2013 Singing Year In Review

Oh Uncle Jay....
We soooo miss your videos!


  1. Thank you for your research! I've wondered where he was for years! Used his videos in my middle school classrooms! Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Our Uncle Jay is also a contributing author at Cincinnati Magazine. His Dr. Know series is a great read.


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