Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump Wants To Fire Big Bird

The end of Big Bird?
Paul Farhi | The Washington Post
"People in public broadcasting expect President Trump to propose “zeroing out” the government’s subsidy of noncommercial radio and TV stations when he presents his first federal budget to Congress this week. Such a proposal would eliminate the $445 million that Congress now sends to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)...

The CPB’s share of the $4 trillion federal budget is microscopic — typically around 0.01 percent"

The good news is, Big Bird will survive. According to The Washington Examiner, 'The program's parent company, Sesame Workshop, struck a deal with HBO in 2015 that gave the private cable network first-run episodes. PBS is still allowed to air the reruns."

Even if Big Bird survives I still have major issues with eliminating the CPB. This $445 million may seem like a lot of money but nothing compared to what THIS CHART reveals. The latest F-22 Raptor Osprey aircraft cost $250 million each. Although the military is tight lipped about how many we have a good estimate might be close to 500.

It's estimated "the cost of protecting Melania Trump and her son in New York is $1 million a day.." More conservative estimates place it at $200,000 a day. Even that would come in around $73 million a year for the Tower in NYC alone. This doesn't include his trips to Mar-a-Lago resort nor the 50 to 100 secret service agents assigned to the rest of his family while they jet off on vacations and other family business.

Must Be Nice To Be You
While the Trumps are living rich beyond belief on taxpayers' backs he proposes cutting off funds for nearly anything and everything other then the military. I've pointed out just two areas alone which could pay for the program cuts he wants to make (plus some).

It' been said if a government only exist for itself, enriching it's leaders--not for the benefit of it's people--why should it exist at all?

What A Nation Looks Like Without Government Support Hope you're rich and can pay for your parents to stay somewhere else when then they start crapping in their pants--are broke--and have no place to go but yours. Yeah and you too when you get old and your kids won't take you in to wipe your butts either.

Gone would be billions of dollars supporting a persons favorite sports team and concert venues.

Public supported housing would no longer exist for retirees on social security who worked all their lives.

Arts would disappear. Left to deteriorate as those of ancient Greece, Rome and others who flourished before their collapse.

Our environment (food, water), housing and labor guidelines would be left up to private industry to decide such matters.

I could go on and on but I've gone on far too long already. The point is it seems to me we've come to the point where too many people's hatred of government along with the willingness to support this president's lavish lifestyle and his backing for the rich has gone beyond anything I could ever have imagined people would put up with.

There's a fair amount of people unwilling to believe (no matter what I say) I'm not being partisan against Donald Trump nor bitter about some damn election. What I am concerned about is what's best for everyone and this country's future. Government's main purpose is to serve it's people. There will be those who understand. Others who never will. Maybe they were born that way (it's in their DNA) and there's no hope of ever convincing them otherwise, Let us just agree on this one thing. It's possible we're both wired differently.

To this end--I really need to (for my own good) to stop frustrating myself over this. Hopefully my future posts will not be so lengthily nor so seriously involved in this drama. I suppose things will need to play themselves out. What will be, will be as they are meant to be. I've said before I wasn't going to speak anymore about this. I'll use this post to remind myself to lighten up and to get off the podium.

Let's see if I can do it this time :-)

Some Of The Good Work Sesame Street Is Doing (10/20/2015)

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