Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Trump Blacklist Lehigh County

OMG it was only a few days ago I promised myself I wasn't going to talk about this dummkopf. Sorry but when it effects us here locally I can't help myself.

Not when our so-called president put Lehigh County on his naughty list as one of those who provide sanctuary for illegals.

I got further fired up reading all the ignorant comments that followed on social media. Obviously from those who either not read the local stories completely or are uneducated as our so-called commander and chief.

Enforcement Authority And Responsibilities
First off I have no idea whether Trump's list only refers to L.C. sheriffs or the dozens of other police departments who operate within the county. That said no matter who is arrested each and everyone convicted then sent to jail is entered into "The National Crime Information Center" database" (NCIC). This is where responsibility should end for state and local police as well as L.C. courts. Federal agents (including ICE) have easy access to all the information they need to enforce federal laws.

State, local nor county sheriffs are neither compensated nor have jurisdiction over ever changing federal rules regarding immigration. It's a rather simple matter for ICE to access NCIC and send a legal detention order to local authorities.

At the present time a court authorized detention order cannot exceed 48 hours from the time someone's released from jail. If ICE doesn't show up within that time frame a detainee has every right to sue whoever held them beyond that limit. Such was the very case in which L.C. was sued and had to pay out $95,000 for holding one of them beyond two days. Who do you think got stuck with the bill--not the federal government. So not only did we pick up the tab for the additional 48 hours but so too incurred legal liability for the failure by federal government to follow through on the very thing they requested.

Currently Lehigh County's budget is made up almost by 2/3's coming from state and federal funding. Trump has threatened to cut off funding for both states and local municipalities who he deems as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. Not only the county's budget is under threat but on top of that so too local police and city funding resources as well. This hit list of his could be the start of something far more sinister then just him adding a bunch more of enemies to his lists. If the federal government insists on coming up with these rules of law--why should our local taxes suffer?

There's another element I haven't seen mentioned. There are a large number of cities, states and counties who are paying for private contractors to run prisons. So who would be held legally accountable if someone was detained beyond 48 hours? They, the state or local government? In the end I suppose it doesn't matter because taxpayers always end up paying.

The Bottom-line Is This
When this president's shenanigans start costing states, counties and local municipalities more then taxpayers' can afford--forcing them into bankruptcy--maybe people will start to care more about the flattening of their wallets then political differences.

When a president threatens states and cities, beneficial programs/agencies, the media, a football player's career, our allies, entertainers, even congressional members--one has to ask--who's side is he on?

Or is his mind running on..

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