Saturday, March 4, 2017

Trump Accuses Obama Monitoring His Past Communications

Well there you go--spelling aside--I agree. There should be a extremely thorough public investigation. The only way we're going to get to the bottom of this is to form a committee legally empowered to subpoena everything intelligence may or may not have gathered related to the President's accusations Every recording--every file if they have them (including possibly gathered tax records) all shown to the committee live on TV to prove whether or not such a FISA order were justified. If there are none this President owes Obama a huge apology.

Either way it's stands to reason it's not going to turn out well for this President. Either there's no substance to these wild accusations OR all could be revealed if his accusations prove true. Not sure the outcome may be what was intended by going on this 'Twitter' attack.

As for the accusation itself--This tweet implies Obama was being fed direct information. No it wasn't like Barack was sitting in the White House with earphones on. This would have required a FISA order. One which a FISA judge would require 'just cause' for such a surveillance. Even if Barack could find a sympathetic judge to go along with this doesn't mean he received direct information. More importantly--it would be of no use to Obama since he couldn't make use of classified information. Finally there's this. Despite the repeated claims of the elections being rigged and insiders back channeling against him--HE WON. Get over it. Take winning gracefully.

Now in regards to Nixon/Watergate. None of the Republican party's files were stolen (as far as we know). The DNC's were along with Podesta's. Then they were posted on WikiLeaks. Where was your outrage? Now this truly was a Watergate moment times ten! In fact you encouraged more theft. Extremely hypocritical. The same doesn't apply in this situation. If files were gathered by a legitimate agency of our own government under court order this would be completely different. So what your saying with this tweet--BAD when U.S. intelligence does it. GOOD when Russians intelligence does. Who's side are you on?

Indeed I welcome a complete and thorough investigation. I want it all out completely in the open. I want it done quickly & thoroughly in the most public way possible. Let the chips fall where they may. We Americans deserve to know who the bad "sick" guy is. Mr. President I'm assuming you will be more eager then anyone to expose these scoundrels for what you claim them to be.

No matter how such an investigation would turn out Americans' confidence could be restored knowing somehow the truth will always come out. Without such an investigation we may never trust such a government which cannot police itself. A government still able to maintain integrity of the oval office is of vital importance. Donald's right. If someone violates our trust they should pay a heavy price. Donald's also right about this--the country needs a thorough cleansing. How things end up I'm not too confident may be in his best interest.

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  1. We do not know what happened. If Obama did order a wiretap, this is a scandal of major proportion. But if Trump is making reckless accusations against the former president that turn out to be false, that also is a scandal of major proportion. If it is the latter, he should be impeached.


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