Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time To Get Rid Of Baseball Umpires?

"A French inventor has created £149 ($200) device that can detect whether balls are out - and he expects to sell it this summer. The device sits on the net and maps the ball's flight - using artificial intelligence (AI) to measure flight, pace and spin."

It appears this device could also be used in baseball to end arguments with the umps.

We've all seen broadcasts which show the speed of the ball as well as the batting zone in real time.

I'm certain baseball purists would be against this but wouldn't this be the ultimate in fairness?

Same would go with base runners. Computers are capable of seeing down into microseconds. Far more then any human would be capable of when it comes to being tagged out. Even slow motion camera replays are limited. Course then fans wouldn't have the same enjoyment watching players clearing the benches to slug it out and bitching about umpires' calls.

Question is which would fans prefer?

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