Saturday, March 18, 2017

Strange Behavior Of Electrons

"Electrons can teleport between atomic energy layers using quantum motion. They can pass from the top layer to the bottom without existing in the middle. This could help researchers develop new materials in future, including super efficient electronics and solar panels."

My Comments

This is some real Nikola Tesla stuff. Nikola spent his life trying to find a way of distributing electricity without wires. While this may not solve that problem on a large scale it certainly demonstrates it's possible at a micro level.

See the thing about electricity is no one fully understands what it is to this day. Sure we can move electrons from one place to another, but we still don't understand exactly what electromagnetic force is. We know it's effects and have used it for all the electronics in use today. Things like our appliances and so forth.

One of the greatest inventions is the MRI scanner. We know electromagnetism can move electrons. In the case of MRI imaging we are using electrons to create magnetic fields. Yet no one understands exactly what a EMF is. This discovery now further deeps the quantum mystery how EMF is able to do what it does and exactly what it is.

Being familiar with electronics I'm not quite sure what scientist find so amazing Anyone who works with electronics understands the capacitors we use build a charge on one plate. At some point (depending on frequency and charge) the other plate discharges without any electrons passing between the surfaces. Inductor coils (transformers) work the same way. Maybe I'm missing something. Is it because they've archived this using direct current since both capacitors and inductors only work in alternating currents?

They stated "electrons are caught mysteriously disappearing". Something which would not happen with inductors nor capacitors using direct current. So if scientists claim electrons can be made to appear and disappear under those conditions--this is really something.

We all understand how electrons and protons can influence magnetic forces. What remains to be discovered if neither existed would there still remain a potential magnetic force. One which could in of itself bring material into existence. If so--could it be physical existence is nothing more then an expression of intense magnetic forces condensing to form mass as we know it?

Although the word quantum has been used it seems to me this goes back to the very basic fact we know nothing of magnetic forces. We can create them and use them but still can't explain them. Quantum seems like a nice word to throw around these days whenever we can't explain these magnetic forces even though we've known about them for thousands of years. But hey--whatever floats your boat.

In the end when you cut to the chase--quantum is really a nice catchall intellectual word used by baffled scientists in avoidance to having to explain "conundrums" they may never figure out.

Makes it sound a lot more professional doesn't it :-)

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