Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Now Every Air Traveler Could Have Their P*&*y Grabbed

"An airport trade group has told its members that TSA screeners will be allowed to use the front of their hands, instead of just the backs of hands, to search passengers if .."

My Comments
I found a few things interesting with this article. First off it was written by someone at 'The Los Angeles Times' whereupon 'The Morning Call' seemed to personalized it to make it their own. Secondly the link may or may not work because The Morning Call'' created a 'redirect' making it nearly impossible for me to link directly to the html. This is what they've been doing lately.

What's A Lady To Do?
As for the TSA directive itself--not to be gross, but what happens if a woman is wearing a pad. There's no way of knowing what could be in the pad. I assume she'd be taken to a private screening area, forced to strip down removing it for fuller inspection. Nothing personal, right?

A little too friendly as far as I'm concerned

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