Thursday, March 2, 2017

Is Allentown Mayor Taking A Line From Trump Playbook?

"Hook Seafood & Grille has closed its doors, almost two years after the restaurant decided to shed its old look as the Cosmopolitan..."

"The Lehigh Valley's first Wok Box Fresh Asian Kitchen closed indefinitely Saturday after less than a year of business at 818 Hamilton St. in Allentown."

Mayor's Responses On The Morning Call's Facebook (03/01/2017)

There was no shortage of comments as you'd suspect. A few I found interesting was to point out Broad Street didn't get a half a billion dollar NIZ. Another... The paper did plenty of puff stories--are they suppose to only cherry pick the good stuff? One person pointed out there were plenty of self financed start ups that didn't get near the write ups those in the NIZ did. Like I said there were plenty more. You can check them out for yourself via the link above.

These all are just my opinions..
If taking the press to the woodshed worked for the Donald who knows--it may for the mayor as well. Certainly seems cheaper then trying to find a good campaign manager that can be trusted I suppose.

I'm no campaign expert but seems to me pissing off the press or Bethlehem being critical of them is never a good idea in the long run. I also think it's not a good idea to speak towards other communities. Especially some who still feel the city tried to use shenanigans (justified or not) on them.

Median household income in Bethlehem is $47,291 Allentown's $36,930 (2011-2015)
Bethlehem has a poverty rate of 17.5% compared to Allentown's 26.5%
Therefore I wouldn't be too quick to judge an entire city by a couple of streets. This is the last thing you'd want if Bethlehem pointed back at some of Allentown's neighborhood streets. Talk about throwing stones while living a glass house. Trust me Mr. Mayor you don't want to go there!

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