Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Humans Need Not Apply

We'd all like to see the good old days come back but neither I, Donald Trump or anyone else can turn back the hands of time

Sorry Donald only 130 new jobs will be created.

On Tuesday (03/28/2017) Ford announced they'd spend $1.2 billion in Michigan to modernize some of its plants and on new a data center. Here's why so few jobs will be created....

The Ford Rouge Factory F-150 Dearborn, MI, Assembly Line Tour (2015)

Nothing new. This goes back to 2012

I can attest to the fact after working over 33 years in production in the food industry over half of our jobs were eliminated by automation.

Manually Stacking Pallets Was Eliminated Years Ago (no sound)

I alone ran 5 of these at a time which replaced 10 hand stackers

I also operated several case packers each similar similar to this one

Each replaced 5 hand packers

These lines ran from 200-300 units per minute. Overall between the case packing machines and palletizers over twenty jobs were eliminated requiring only 6 like myself to run the replacement machines. Since I left 5 more workers were replaced by machines that delivered the bottles before they shut the plant down in the 'Grey Poupon' and A1 steak sauce department alone. From what I understand the new plant now doesn't even require 2 fork lift operators to move them to storage areas--where robots now replaced several more fork operators who once pulled the orders from the racks where they were stored.

Here's another video from 2013

Notice the lack of humans?

"Krones" (from Germany) was much of the equipment we used in latter years.

Before Kraft ended it's Lehigh Valley salad dressings production 30 years ago we produced 300 quart jars a minute on one single line. It required only four cooks, 2 line operators,1 case packer operator and one of our 4 palletizers (at the time) manned by two operators. A dozen years ago among some 500 hundred of us produced over 500lbs of wrapped cheese per minute, Sliced 2,000lbs of natural cut cheese and some 10,000lbs of Parkay margarine per hour. This along with portion controlled packets of ketchup, mustard and syrups for restaurants.

The point of this..
Don't believe Donald Trump when he says he can wave a magic wand and bring back jobs like they once were. Far more jobs disappeared through automation and changing demands then because of "foreigners" taking away our jobs. Yes I too long for the good old days, but we need to realistic. Hess's in Allentown nor Kraft isn't coming back to the Lehigh Valley. No matter how we wish it to be so.

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