Friday, March 17, 2017

How Much Is Salary? Forget About Working Here

"Taylor Byrnes from Winnipeg had completed a phone interview with SkipTheDishes and had scheduled a follow-up. In an email, she asked the recruiter about the hourly pay rate and benefits. She was told that asking about that conflicted with the company culture, and they wanted employees that cared about the company, not pay"

My Comments
They way I've always figured it no company is hiring someone as an act of kindness. They need a worker there's no other reason. By them sending her this message they did her a favor. Who wants to work for a company like that.

There wasn't a job I ever bothered applying for that didn't give me a ballpark figure. As much as I didn't want to waste their time--neither did I want to waste mine. Any company unwilling to provide such information is most likely spending a lot of time and money needlessly. It makes little sense interviewing dozens of people when they only need to interview those who are agreeable to what they are willing to pay.

Any business who runs an operation not understanding this is not someone I want to work for. Either they are unorganized (which would give a clue what work conditions would be like) OR pay divisions for the same type of work would be unfair. I'd be really pissed if I found out I was getting 30% less then the next person. Neither which is good for employees morals therefor for the company itself.

The only time I got snagged was when I was told every year you'd fill out a card with how much of a raise you think your worth. I was told it could be fifty cents, seventy five cents or whatever. Turns out no one ever got more then a nickel. Some only a penny. Well at least we were all in the same kettle :-)

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