Monday, March 27, 2017

Healthcare Bill Failed Next Up The Budget

Next on the agenda is the budget for 2018. A few day's ago the White House released it's "blueprint" draft 62 pages in length.

NPR Was Kind Enough To Post The Entire Document

If this administration thought healthcare repeal and replace was a toughie they haven't seen anything yet. Whether one agrees with the White House's draft or not what we're about to see is one hellva' battle. Especially looking over just a few of these cuts..

This president has the habit of taking credit when things go right Then pointing the finger at others when they do not on twitter. If things go the way I think they will over the next few weeks his twitter fingers are going to be blistered. It's almost certain too there will be plenty of foot blisters to go around when protestors most likely take to the streets if the past is any indication.

Although I prefer to sit this one out I do have a few thoughts before the games begin. What we have here is similar to football. We have two teams. One, the conservatives. The other, liberals.

On the conservative team you have players willing to trip up other players on their own team so they can't reach the goal. Some range from a no government policy to less government. Because of this division they failed to reach an agreement on healthcare.

On the liberal team--players may have trouble getting on the team because owners (voters) didn't want to fully staff the entire team. Hence we have an unequal number of players going into the game.

The outcome of the game will be determined by which team is more able to unite their players better then the other despite one having less players. If both teams--because each of their inadequacies end up tying the game it will go into OT (a government shutdown). And that folks is where I think we're headed.

But this isn't football. This is real life. If government goes into indefinite OT (shutdown) fans aren't going to stick around forever waiting to see how things turn out for their team. They'll leave disappointed and pissed off with both sides along with the players they supported. Fans may not show up for the next game (election).

That's why it's important players (politicians) treat each another fairly and respectfully on both sides--even those on their own team. If sports teams acted this way it would be the end of the road for whatever sports we're talking about. When it comes to sports (just like government) it's important that fans (citizens) have confidence there will be a fair outcome in how the game is played. Otherwise I fear rioting in the stands.

So yeah I'm concerned what may be on the road ahead with this president stirring the pot. When players fight like hell fans tend to get involved in kind. This is not good for either America nor it's people. Is this the fate that awaits us?

Gosh I hope not!


  1. It is a mean and heartless budget that is going to force local government to pick up the slack.

    1. Since I posted this--at the press briefing today one of his minions reinforced the idea the White House was prepared to defund so-called sanctuary cities. Lehigh County was unfairly targeted on their original list. Since 2/3rd's of county budget could be affected-- you're damn right it's "heartless". It could force the county into bankruptcy costing every one of us here locally. Then there's the waste water federal funding which could be cut off from the LC water authority's ongoing efforts.

      Just like any other agency by defunding it he's eliminated it. Local government is no different.


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