Wednesday, March 22, 2017

End Near For Allentown FBI Probe?

Sure sounds like it.

WFMZ is reporting today (03/22/2017)--"According to court paperwork, [former city managing director] Francis Dougherty pleaded guilty to one count to commit mail/wire fraud. The indictment came down on March 13 and was unsealed Wednesday. As part of his plea deal, Dougherty agreed to testify as a witness before any grand jury, hearing or trial when the government asks him to."

From what I understand the present grand jury's work will be done by the end of this month. Assuming they would hand down a further indictment to include the mayor the only thing remaining is to turn over their findings to prosecutors who'll decide whether to proceed with charges.

If prosecutors decide to enact charges it could take many months. Long after the local elections. However it's not looking good for the mayor.

There's nothing to stop the mayor from running. Hell he could even win the upcoming city election. If that should happen it would be up to council to unseat him through the city charter.

I'd never place a bet on how things will turn out with voters in Allentown given their history. Ought to be interesting how this will play out.

The main takeaway is---things are coming to a head most likely in the next few weeks.


  1. The Grand Jury may have already expired. Whatever happens, I do think the latest development renders his primary election less likely. But I think it is time for the feds to bring this matter to conclusion, and NO MORE sentencing continuances should be granted unless the feds come up with a timeline.It is unfair to Allentown.


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