Saturday, March 11, 2017

Efforts Underway To Rewrite The U.S. Constitution

Some may consider the following article written by someone who might be a paranoid conspiratorialist. Let us take a closer look.

"Their goal appears to be to put into the Constitution specific prohibitions against any programs (from Social Security to Medicare to food stamps) that they've always viewed as “unconstitutional socialism,”...

The Constitution (arguably) provides for three ways to change or amend itself... This third strategy is the one being used right now, as you're reading these words, in a very well-funded effort by right-wing oligarchs. If they can pull it off in the states (where it's cheaper to buy politicians), then Congress, the president and even the courts would have no say over it. "

The article goes on to explain specifically how. "As of 2016, CSG's application for a Convention of States has been passed in eight states: Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Alaska, Tennessee, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.”

At first blush this may seem unrealistic but look what's happening. In recent times we've heard the never ending drumbeat for states rights over federal government's. States are challenging the federal government from one end of the country to the other over federal laws on immigration, marijuana, education and dozens more. On a second front the Trump administration along with congress are defunding and understaffing nearly every agency and department that have anything to do with programs outside of defense.

It's a troubling time for people like myself who believe in strong government oversight and social programs. Elementary courtroom lawyer tactics are being employed. I'll explain. Take for example a woman who accuses someone of rape. The very first tactic taken by defense is to ruin her reputation in an attempt to discredit her in every way possible. If successful, the accused is then made out to be victim rather then the other way around. Anything she says after that would be chalked up to her anger issues, previous indiscretions or whatever could be used against her. Thus what happened in this particular instance would no longer matter. All and everything she ever did would be lumped together in the mind of a convinced juror.

Exactly what we're seeing happening today. Progressives are labeled "snowflakes", "sore losers", "socialists", "extreme left wingers", "haters" even "left wing loons". Anything to discredit protestors or these women's marches who resist those who want to weaken or destroy government oversight or social programs. Just like the poor woman above--every outlandish action ever taken by a individual or small group would be associated with the whole.

It's a strategy. One that seems to be working. Anyone opposed to stripping down government is fair game to those quietly orchestrating constitutional changes in the background. There are all too many people willing to see nearly all the government programs end. No I'm not being some paranoid conspiratorialist pulling facts out of my butt. Other states are joining in.

Spokesman-Review (02/23/2017: [Idaho] House panel introduces ‘Convention of the States’ resolution to amend Constitution

Texas Tribune (02/28/2017): Texas Senate approves convention of states legislation

Commercial Appeal (02/25/2017): "The Tennessee state Senate passed a resolution recently calling for a convention of the states to amend the U.S. Constitution." (03/07/12017): Ohio lawmakers renew push for convention to amend the U.S. Constitution

Steve Bannon (Asst. To President) words at CPAC (CNN)--"The third, broadly, line of work is what is 'deconstruction' of the administrative state."

As you see the movement for constitutional change is very real. Not since the beginning of this nation was the constitution ever more threatened then it is now. What's most alarming is 99% of the American people aren't even aware what's taking place. While everyone's distracted unable to hear because of the screaming on TV and between themselves on social media those who seek such changes are quietly going about their work practically unnoticed.

There could be a sudden awakening one day when vast numbers of people will begin to realize how they've been used as pawns. By then it may be too late. Nobody will give two hoots whether someone's "left" or "right". They'll be considered nothing more then a means to an end. A new club--and you're not in it!

A country where Social Security, Medicare and every beneficial program goes away. There are those who remain stubbornly convinced only the strong should survive. Better hope you're one of them.

Sheriff David Clarke: Convention of States is 'Only way things will change' (July 2016)

Video Courtesy: "Convention of States Project"

There are plenty more videos in that link. Some only few days or weeks old. So yes, this movement is very much real and alive.

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