Tuesday, March 14, 2017

City Snow Season.. Let The Games Begin! (REPOST From 2016)

Well it won't be long now before city streets will once again look like this..

This is an annual tradition in every northern city. Inevitably someone will get punched out or shot for violating the sacred rights of a shoveler who stakes out his/her parking spot.

It's also inevitable the city will threaten removal of them and fines.

Be it far from me to suggest...
Everyone has worthless stuff laying around their house they don't want. You know, things they'd like to get rid of. Things the trash truck wouldn't ordinarily pick up. You know, things like a TV, computer, old tire, car parts, air conditioner, rusting broken down motorcycle, worthless good for nothing in-law, etc.

I almost pity those in suburbia who have driveways, garages and will never enjoy the same close neighborhood comradeship that only city living can provide this time of year. Oh well. I suppose that's their loss and they'll have to live with it.

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