Monday, March 13, 2017

Blizzard News ON THIS DAY (March 13th)

* Coincidently the second biggest snowfall (21") fell In NYC in 1888.

* In 1969 NASA's Apollo astronauts returned back to Earth. The weather was clear that day across most of the country disproving to some pessimists these missions were screwing up the weather. NASA should have had a landing today. Maybe then we could have averted the lousy weather predicted for tomorrow.

* Perhaps fearing hell would freeze over--in 2016 --Marco Rubio dropped out of the presidential race on this day. NASA's data one month earlier showed globally it was the hottest month ever recorded. Had he read it who knows how the election could have turned out for him.

Then you have these reporters getting people all hopped up...

Also we have to endure a bunch of braggards talking about their 4 wheel drives. Yeah well they still only have the same four wheel brakes as the rest of us.

Some even have 18-- SO WHAT!

Have A Great Day
Enjoy The Weather

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