Thursday, March 9, 2017

Big Pharma Snookering Us?

"The researchers pointed to the National Hemophilia Foundation as one group that is vague about its funding because, although it lists corporate donors, it only discloses donation ranges. Drug makers contributed a range from $8.5 million to $14 million of the group’s $16.8 million annual budget in 2014, the year researchers studied. Its top donors, Baxter, Biogen and Novo Nordisk, make products used by people with hemophilia; each donated between $2 million and $3 million, the researchers said.... patient groups often do not disclose that they take industry funds when they testify before Congress or government agencies.

Pharma-funded "patient" groups keep drug prices astronomical.
Martha Rosenberg | AlterNet (03/09/2017)
"It happens with regularity during citizen open-mike sessions at FDA drug advisory committee hearings. A queue of “patients” materializes out of nowhere to testify, often in tears, about the crucial need for a new drug or new use approval. Some are flown in by Pharma. It can’t be a generic drug, the “patients” cry, because they are just not the same. It has to be the $1000-a-month drug or even the $1000-a-pill drug, so that taxpayers and the privately insured prop up Pharma’s cred on Wall Street."

My Comments
If these accusations are true we're never going to get a handle on the cost of healthcare. Before congress messes with either 'Trumpcare' or 'Obamacare' costs they need deal with the underlining causes why these and private plans are so damned expensive. It appears we're starting out on the backend before the front.

If we were building a home it would make no sense writing a blank check and letting a contractor fill in whatever price they want to charge. No mortgage company in the world would finance it under such ridiculous terms. Neither should we.

Either congress is dumb as hell OR turning a blind eye towards those who fill their campaign coffers. I tend to think it's the latter. I would find it hard to believe when members hold these hearings they'd be unaware who brought these people before them. Could these hearings be nothing more then a dog and pony show put on to satisfy the public so they can say they're looking into it?

If a patient found out their doctor was medicating them when there was a cure available he/she have grounds for a malpractice lawsuit. Unfortunately that's not how it works with congress. They find it more agreeable to medicate the disease rather then cure it.

Affordable healthcare--forget about it

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