Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Another Day Another FOS Trump Tweet

Heaven forbid this guy should ever check out the facts before tweeting. Hell knows he has all the resources at his finger tips. Oh that's right he doesn't trust anyone working in the "swamp"

"Trump’s figure is actually right on the nose: a 2016 Office of the Director of National Intelligence report found that 122 former Gitmo detainees have returned to the battlefield. But his attribution of their release to Obama is false; the vast majority of those detainees were released under President George W. Bush, a fellow Republican. Only nine of the 122 were released by Obama... Unsurprisingly, Trump’s tweet came thirty minutes after a Fox & Friends segment cited the exact same stat (Fox News did not incorrectly blame Obama, however). "

I keep trying to ignore him, but this guy just doesn't stop with his BS. He's an unending source of fake news. For every fact check made he tweets two more that need to be corrected. He seems to believe everyone's FOS who doesn't agree with his distortions.

Here's the thing about this little tweeting hobby of his--anyone clicking on his tweets will find no greater number of trash talking trolls then on his very own Twitter account. Is he so desperate for attention he's willing to be made a fool of on his own account?

Three issues. (1) The whole world and other leaders are watching him letting people make a fool of him unabated. (2) By not confining himself to fully vetted official White House statements he subjects his staff to never ending surprises and his knee jerk reactions they are forced to cope with. (3) He's tipping his hand for what's going on in his head to our adversaries.

When he tweets like he does it makes him out to be little more then another low information troll on the internet. If he feels he can't trust Google search engines, briefings, federal department or agencies over something he half understood on TV-- he's in the wrong job. He's embarrassing himself and this country. Somebody needs to rein him in PDQ.

On A Personal Note
I take no great pleasure in constantly bringing this character up. This goes far beyond partisan politics. It's about a guy who acts like a human wrecking ball to nearly everyone who comes in contact with him. It's about his lack of comprehension of the what the results will be in not understanding all the repercussions with his too simplistic ways of dealing with complex issues. It's about a guy who portrays he's the victim while he victimizes others. A guy who is incapable of self reflection. Someone unwilling to empathize or open minded enough to relate to people who find themselves to be in less fortunate situations then he. Someone who doesn't respect nor hesitate to try and damage reputations These are none of the qualities I would like to see in a president.


What I see is a flawed character that doesn't deserve the highest office in the land. We can do better. We should expect greater. If nothing else let's pretend he is by getting this guy to stop tweeting. We, his staff and this country on every level would all be better off for it.

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