Saturday, March 4, 2017

Always Had Fascination How Money Works

Welcome to the fantasy world of money where there is no such thing other then our acceptance of such a illusion.

A few days ago 'Snapchat' went public issuing IPO's. Now here's a company that has yet to turn a profit yet now investors poured in billion$ of dollars. Amazing. Talk about fantasy!

The 'Sands' Bethlehem is in talks for it's sale.. Why would someone sell such a profitable business?

Here's the way I think of it. Whether it be a restaurant, apartment building rentals or any other kind of enterprise the idea is to flip it while it's still making money. Why would someone wait 10 or 20 years to accumulate the total amount of money someone is willing to give them right now on what they could have possibly earned in the somewhat uncertain distant future?

For these high rollers the idea is to start a business then flip it while it still holds value. After all you never know when the sh*t might hit the fan. Think of it as a game of musical chairs. When the music stops the last guy gets stuck holding the bag. For my part I never had the stomach for it being I'm not much of a gambler. Hence why I'll never be rich. On the other hand never broke either. :-)

Speaking of money....
" Data in a newly updated Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy report out Thursday disputes the president's contention that undocumented immigrants are a drain on taxpayers. It found those immigrants pay an estimated $11.74 billion a year in state and local taxes." Money will always be a component. See here's the thing--they pay for goods, services, rents, utilities and food. Not only those but they'd be ineligible fools to try and submit claims for federal and state benefits they paid into. Any so foolish might very well find themselves on the fast track to deportation by not keeping a low profile. Most of the states and cities realize this. Knowing this it shouldn't be any wonder why states and cities are reluctant to clamp down. Plenty of eateries and farmers as well who depend on their labor.

There no such thing in nature as a money tree--yet money plays a very real part of our lives and the decisions we make. Imagine such a world without it. Would we still be motivated to work? Would we still have greed, envy or exclude those who we feel threaten our livelihood?

Kind of makes you wonder what life would be like if there were no such thing if mankind wouldn't have ever invented it?

Something to think about....

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