Friday, February 24, 2017

Warmest February Day On Record

Lehigh Valley had its warmest February day on record
By Steve Novak |
"A high of 77 degrees made Friday the warmest February day on record in Allentown, according to the National Weather Service in Mount Holly, N.J."

Although I usually wait till March--warm as this day was--it gave me an opportunity to trim my small rosaceae trees for a couple of hours today. Kind of figured it would be a good idea especially if we have an early growing season.

These are great plants because they produce flowers throughout August when many other plants gave up their bloom providing nectar for bees beyond the normal blossoming season.

Besides it also gave me a opportunity to get some exercise I usually don't have this time of year. I can't wait for more warm days like these.

Despite what that rodent from Punxsutawney said on Grundsaudaag... hopefully Spring will come around early this year. I'm pumped.

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