Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Should Non Profits Be Allowed To Politicize?

Trump Vows to ‘Destroy’ Law Banning Political Endorsements by Churches
By Mark Landler and Laurie Goosstein | New York Times
"President Trump vowed on Thursday to overturn a law restricting political speech by tax-exempt churches... Mr. Trump said his administration would “totally destroy” the Johnson Amendment, a 1954 law that prohibits churches from endorsing or opposing political candidates at the risk of losing their tax-exempt status"

My View
We should simplify our tax codes by making everyone pay.. PERIOD. Face it with these and other non profits it's become nearly impossible to separate where one ends and the other begins for the IRS.

Many churches have become wealthy with their schools and daycare programs going far beyond a religious mission. Some of them offering discount financing for their members. Life's a two way street. If government is to leave it's hands off of churches so should they when it comes to government unless they contribute to help fund it. Same applies to universities who also have political aims. Much the same goes with so-called nonprofit hospitals who seem to have almost unlimited money available for expansions as well as these so-called foundations.

If we truly want to simplify the tax code this would be the fairest and shortest route to take. As a individual we are required to pay taxes on every dollar we take in. Why it should it not be so for any organization whatsoever either?

Some may argue the services they provide would come at a cost. On the other hand one may argue how many have taken advantage and benefited from such?

This wouldn't affect organizations that rely solely on leadership and volunteers who donate their time. Something entirely different from those who make a career living off of many of these organizations and religious organizations we're seeing today.

Plenty of of buck$ to be made..
Shocking high salaries of some charity CEOs (Red Cross, United Way, Unicef) in 2011
'Glassdoor' Non Profit Salaries 2016

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