Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Republican Town Halls Getting A Earful

"Here's a roundup of Tuesday's notable town halls:"

Donald of course they were. Just like when the 'Tea Party' pulled these antics a few years back. I detested them as much as I do this bunch of jerks.

No politician should be treated like a human pinata. I'm disgusted with politicians being treated like punching bags when they're gracious enough to tackle such an event, Putting myself in their place two things come to mind. First off none of these elected officials are required to hold town halls. The second being I wouldn't take to people shouting at me like lunatics. This kind of crap certainly wouldn't win me over that's for sure.

If it were me in their place I'd make clear how these were to be held in printed handouts days before. Here's the format I would follow. First I be allowed to speak for five or ten minutes at the top of the meeting uninterrupted. Then take Q&A from folks only one at a time. Audience members who couldn't abide by those rules I'd respond in two ways. First eject disrupters warning if we can't act civilized I'd be taking a hike. If people in the crowd still found that unacceptable I would warn one more time saying--there's no point in treating me like some clown at the fair sitting over a dunking tank. People who want respect should show respect. Otherwise there's no point in having these. When people are shouting they're not listening.

Perhaps there's a better way. When Barack Obama was in the white house he created online petitions on it's website. These then required a response when a certain threshold was crossed. Maybe congressional members could initiate something like this for constituents from their district on their own websites. This would accomplish a few things.

(1) The greatest concerns raised by the largest number from their home district could be heard and addressed after being verified as such. (2) Outside agitators would be filtered out since each would be required to provide their name and address. (3) Wacky doodles seeking attention wouldn't have the opportunity to get in front of cameras for their own selfish interests in a cause for advancing themselves or an organization. (4) Those screaming the loudest doesn't mean they represent the greatest numbers simply because they have a big mouth.

In this way it addresses all the problems inherent with these town hall meetings.

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