Sunday, February 12, 2017

Refugee Music Videos

Sorry about all these videos constantly on my blog. They are the best way possible that I know of how to make a point and express my feelings.

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Regular visitors to this blog must have surely noticed I've been banging the drum really hard on this. In the next few days President Trump will do whatever he will do, but I tried extremely hard to show not everyone feels others coming here are our enemy or came to mooch.

Through our bombings and interference with foreign governments we also bear some culpability to the plight these people find themselves in. As such the United States should too bear some of the responsibility in what becomes of these people. To those unable to feel empathy in their hearts towards these people there's little else I can say.

United States will over the next few weeks become whatever it is we represent to the rest world depending what our president does. Let it be said not each and everyone of us feel the same way. I've asked myself time and again what if it were my family and me born in the wrong part of the world and this happened. What would I do? What would you?

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