Tuesday, February 7, 2017

More Fake News From The White House

"Spicer says nationwide protests of Trump are not like Tea Party was... You know the Tea Party was a very organic movement."

My Comments
When the Tea Party Express bus first rolled into Allentown at Cedar Beach I questioned who the hell is paying for that thing? It doesn't come cheap.

I'll list several links why this Spicer guy is so full of baloney even Oscar Meyer doesn't have this much stored in all it's warehouses.

Huffington Post ((05/25/2011)-- Anatomy of the Tea Party Movement: Tea Party Express
New York Times (08/8/2010)-- Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party
Mediate.com (08/23/2010)-- The New Yorker Reveals Who’s Paying For The Tea Party.
The Atlantic.com (4/14/2010)-- 47% of Tea Partiers Pay No Federal Income Taxes!
US News.com (02/02/2011)-- Tea Party Funding Koch Brothers Emerge From Anonymity
Altertnet.org (05/11/2011)-- 5 Professional Tea Partiers: Who's Sucking the Most Money From the Movement?
There's no way Spicer can be this ignorant. There comes a point where political spin stops and becomes a outright lie.

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