Thursday, February 16, 2017

Just Watched Donald Trump's Presser (02/16/2017)

Although I disagree with his policies I thought he was impressive. Seems to me he spoke from the heart. The only objections I had were two things. (1) His snipe against a BBC reporter. (2) The point where he stated he was handed an extreme mess by the previous administration. Other then those two he had every right to defend himself over things he considered unfair treatment. This--in my opinion-- is the first time he looked presidential. What was most impressive---for the first time he allowed questions from reporters he had a beef with for one hour and fifteen minutes.

I'm more optimistic then I was prior to this presser. What concerns me still is the question of whether those who surround him will not cause his knee jerk reactions we've seen in the past. If he can overcome their bad influences remains to be seen. Otherwise I think the guy could turn out quite well even if I object to most of his positions.

I think Donald needs to do more of these on his own without the mouthpieces speaking for him. However it still concerns me there are those surrounding him who are misleading and tainting his thinking. Hopefully he'll jettison those who will anchor him down with their own self interests. Maybe--just maybe--this president may not turn out as badly as I first assumed if he can overcome those who taint his views of the world. This doesn't mean I still don't oppose his views, but I didn't agree with all of Hillary's either.

Immediately after the presser I watched MSNBC and CNN's reactions. Can't say I agreed with them either, Thought both unfair.

You can watch the entire presser HERE.
Judge for yourself. <<< Begins at 1 hour 47 seconds

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