Sunday, February 19, 2017

In Allentown Even Doggies Are Gentrified

"Downtown Allentown is about to get its first dog park, but before business district residents who struggle daily to find a patch of green for their pooch get too excited, they should know that only patrons of Strata apartments and the Renaissance Hotel will be allowed to use it...

The lighted park will include a picket fence and a locked gate that Strata residents and Renaissance Hotel visitors will be able to access using their apartment or room keys."

After taxpayers backed nearly $1B of NIZ development--and still counting--neither they nor their doggies are welcome. Should we think of this as Allentown's version of club "Mar-a-Lago" for doggies ?

Other's doggies will just have to crap on the other side of the fence I suppose. How inclusive !

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