Monday, February 20, 2017

Draining The Swamp Doesn't Come Cheap

Trump family’s elaborate lifestyle is a ‘logistical nightmare’ — at taxpayer expense

Donald Trump's weekend Mar-a-Lago getaways 'cost taxpayers $3 million' Per Visit

Donald Trump goes golfing five more times than Barack Obama so far

'New York Times'-- " Last month, taxpayers forked over nearly $100,000 to protect Eric Trump while he was on a business trip to Uruguay. And the Defense Department is looking to rent space in Trump Tower — which goes for as much as $1.5 million a year per floor — so they can bring the nuclear launch codes along when the president comes to visit his wife in New York."

At $4 million or $5 million a week we could be looking at a quarter a billion dollar$ a year to keep him in style not including the marble prison we spend for him to be at the White House. Nor the 'Camp David Compound' he'll never use.

Hell congress might have to appropriate a few more million in emergency spending in the budget before the year's out.

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