Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Word About My Last Few Posts

None of these past few posts were meant to be unpatriotic. Quite the opposite. We need to own up to past mistakes in order to not repeat them.

As far as my criticisms of Donald Trump they are not to be taken as personal attacks nor as a dislike of him personally. I don't know the guy. What I do have is issues with his short sightedness and his simplistic understandings of complex issues. Take for example his immigration edicts. I absolutely 100% believe he didn't spend the time required with the experienced state department officials and others who've dealt with these issues for decades down in the trenches. His lack of empathy resulted in millions of dollars wasted and lives globally affected unfairly by not thinking through the ramifications.

Not everyone of our founders were saints nor electors either for that matter. We need to acknowledge along the way the United States government nor it's people are perfect These posts were intended to point these things out. By taking a critical look back I see them as the tools we need to move forward looking beyond either the left or right partisanship that seems to be the quagmire we now seem to be entranced in.

More importantly we need to look beyond governments instead focusing on the commonality of all people who are forced to live under each government's rule who's main goal is to sustain it's self. Failure to recognize each person as apart and separate from who rules over them whom in my eyes deceives and betrays all who like myself believes in our commonality.

Putting governments and religions aside--except for a bunch of bad actors---I believe the vast majority of us are as of one mind. To live our lives as peaceful as possible. Let us cast aside our differences and look for those which unite all us humans from that which separated us whether it be government rule, religion or ethnicity. Let us unite as one.

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