Sunday, January 1, 2017

Whole Internet Is Begging For Money (+2 Music Videos)

OK, so this morning I started to read my RSS news feeds. Like so many websites these past few weeks when I went to read them almost all had popups begging for money. The whole thing reminds me of walking down the street continually being harassed by beggars. It use to be I'd run across one or two a day now it's dozens. I understand these websites cannot do what they do for free-- but it's become really annoying

It's not just news sites. Nearly all the social media sites want you to log in disallowing someone from reading the links many of these news sites refer to in the articles published. In other words popups on top of popups just to get through one piece.

Another thing about these popups. When I look at the source code it's in 'Java' script. Therefore I have no idea what else their capable of doing when someone clicks on them. So I do not. I first refresh the page. If it still pops up I'm outta there.

Liza Minnelli & Joel Grey " Money "

"Cabaret" 1972

Too Much Greed
Yesterday we spent hours trying to set up a iPod like device for the grandkids. Talk about jumping through hoops. It makes assembling kids toys 20 years ago seem like (pardon the pun) child's play. All kinds of stuff had to be setup before the electronic toy could be used. The walk through menus were enough to drive a sane person nuts. This toy claimed it did all kinds of wonderful stuff. For some two hundred buck$ you'd think it would. Nope.

The toy promised you could load your computers mp3's to it. Well sort of. First you've got to get on your PC. Then download software to it so it will recognize the toy when you plug the USB cable into it. Of course in order to download you first need to set up an account. After you've done this and try to load mp3's it says it's a no go until you download another specific app to do that. Yeah sure-- FOR FIVE BUCKS. Forget about it-- ain't never gonna happen.

Next we try to set up the interactive camera for it's controller. Well OK it will work after you download another app. At least that was free-- but it required you to set up your account so the toy can "feed back the progress your child's making" through my router before it too could be downloaded. That ain't never gonna happen neither. So I guess the girls will just have to be happy with the five applications it came with.

For me it's very annoying when every damn move you make someone wants to pick you pockets' Sorry if money is tight for these developers and media sites but enough is enough already. If I gave just half of what these people wanted as I come across them everyday there'd be nothing left for me. Here let me put it this way....

Simply Red- Money's Too Tight (To Mention) Live from Budapest June 27th 2009

Originally Released: 1985

Even these two videos had popup ads

Was kannst du tun?

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