Monday, January 2, 2017

There May Be No Such Thing As Gravity

Yeah I know sometimes I get wrapped up in all this scientific stuff. Call me nuts-- but this has always fascinated me.

Nikola Tesla possessed one of the greatest minds without a doubt. He postulated that there was no such thing as gravity. To his way of thinking everything was a function of electromagnetic force. In as such gravity was not a actual force. Rather it's a effect created when time is being bent by these electromagnetic quantum forces within the molecular world.

In other words the galaxies, sun, planets as well as the black holes don't exert gravitational interactions upon one another. Rather each are a complex result of time itself being created via electromechanical forces. This fits perfectly well within Einstein's calculations regarding the warpage of time around celestial bodies.

Something Neil DeGrasse Tyson tends to agree with...

Neil deGrasse Tyson: What Is Gravity?

Scientists today are seeking explanations for why our universe is speeding up instead of slowing down. Every experiment so far can't find "dark matter" which they claim to be responsible. This theory is ignoring the possibility it's isn't some form of "black matter" but rather a product of time itself being created via these electrical force interactions.

A far simpler explanation may be made-- all matter (at it's subatomic level) is made up of energy. Any increase in energy results in the generation of electromagnetic forces which affect time. Through time distortions for all appearances there seems to be this non existent gravitational thing. Here's a far more complicated explanation...

Nikola Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity

The point is-- if we are ever to conquer the vast distances in space we need to understand how time itself functions. Presently every spacecraft we ever used relied on slingshotting these probes via gravity around large planets in space dependant on our present understandings. Coming to accept gravity as a byproduct of the true forces at work will move us beyond. This is where we need to go.

I think what Tesla was hinting at is electromagnetic forces function in an environment not influenced by time. Rather time is influenced by such force which exists in of itself not subject to the constraints of our present understanding of time

In other words EMF exist instantaneous throughout all things everywhere wherein time has no meaning.

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