Monday, January 9, 2017

Senator Mitch McConnell On Obamacare

"By nearly any measure, ObamaCare has failed: It didn’t lower costs, it didn’t increase choice, middle-class families continue to lose health plans they were promised they could keep, and Americans continue to call for ObamaCare’s repeal...

The Senate is currently working to pass the legislative tools to bring relief to the middle class by repealing this partisan law. "

My Comments
Yo dude--- the way you make it sound everybody is forced to buy Obamacare. Nothing could be further from the truth. People who have employer coverage or bought a plan on their own are not affected. Any person who thinks they can get a better deal on the open market--go right ahead there's nothing stopping you. My response would be to anyone who doesn't like Obamacare--THEN DON'T BUY IT!

What The ACA Does Do
Requires people to buy some form of health coverage. Some freeloaders can afford it and don't. Other's who couldn't afford even minimal health coverage the ACA tries to help financially. Is it perfect--- no. However it makes no more sense to completely tear down a house needing a new roof then putting a wrecking ball to the ACA.

I can't understand why the outrage. Throughout my lifetime many people were adamant about others not taking individual responsibly for themselves. This program was designed to target those who cost us all more when we go to hospital having to make up their costs. Secondly help control the increase in our premiums forced to pay for free loaders who actually can afford coverage. This further goes towards the effort to reduce the large amounts of tax money going for these so-called free clinics.

I'm all for better ideas Mitch.
What's yours?

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