Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sanders- Hands Off Social Security Medicare Medicaid

There are some things that people like myself, Bernie Sanders and many others are not willing to compromise on.

Jan 4, 2017
"During a speech today on the Senate floor about health care, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) pulled out a huge poster of one of President-elect Donald Trump’s old tweets to use as an example and call out the incoming POTUS on his campaign rhetoric."

Donald Trump On Social Security

We Need To Hold Trump Accountable To His Promises

I think Bernie Sanders had a very good idea. He suggested Trump tweet out sending a clear message to congress he would veto any measure weakening these plans. Thusly encouraging congress not to waste their time on this.

I'd add legislators shouldn't even think about going to a privatized voucher system Rather strange considering these are the same conservatives who claim to hate Obamacare's forced voucher system? How would this be ay different? (1) You force people to take Medicare. (2) Give a voucher that probably won't fully cover one of perhaps dozens of differing coverage options with these private plans. Sure seems like the whole idea sucks to me.

Some things never change. Let me clue you in. Conservatives had plans against these programs for years. Now they're starting up all over again in 2017...

Newt Hates Obamacare, but he sure loved it in 2005

Hypocritical much?

Always Was Opposition To Medicare

We've come too far to let these programs die now.

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