Thursday, January 26, 2017

Philosophical Thought Experiment Video

Mary's Room: A philosophical thought experiment- Eleanor Nelsen

I have many thoughts after watching this short video. (1) Lack Of Empathy-- Someone may comprehend why someone is upset with the loss of loved one but never can truly feel those same emotions without experiencing the same loss no matter how many words may be used to describe it.

(2) World Of The Metaphysical-- Many people near death try to describe in words a world they experienced beyond this.

(3) Political Differences-- While both may be in agreement on the facts neither can comprehend as to why the other sees things differently in words.

(4) Robotic Intelligence-- How software reacts is dependant on a given amount of available information it can experience with the sensory inputs made available to it. Pretty much like we humans find the situation we are in-- is it not?

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