Monday, January 9, 2017

Obamacare Video (Make An Hour Available)

A while back President Obama sat down with Vox's Ezra Klein speaking about the "Affordable Care Act". I'm almost 100% certain more would rather watch paint dry. However I did take the time. Here's a few things I took away from it. * Instead of hating on all things Obama he's wide open to any plan that would improve on it. He went so far as to say he'd even campaign for it. So far nobody's offered better ideas.

* He stated he would have prefered to offer Medicare in addition to the other commercial plans. Knowing Republicans would absolutely object to any such idea he compromised limiting only those presently available.

* He also pointed out nearly every other civilized nation--but ours--already provides similar coverage.

* Obama was the first to admit ACA has it short comings. Rather then scrap it why not fix the parts that don't work?
In my opinion had he been allowed to offer "the government option"--since everything was already in place--it would have made all of this a whole lot simpler and cheaper providing better coverage.

I still remained confused why anyone would believe Obama was trying to screw people by requiring others held accountable for their medical costs. I and most have been for ours. Why shouldn't everyone if they're able to afford to. As he pointed out a lot of people get a free ride until they run into a medical problem. It shouldn't be on us--who paid for coverage--to pick up the unpaid costs. The ACA closes that gap as well as extending MEDICAID another ten years.

So What's The Beef?
Maybe opponents of Obama hate him so much they'd rather toss the baby out with the bath water. All too many believe ignoring those without coverage somehow doesn't impact the premiums they pay for healthcare. Fact is plenty of people have the money to pay for health insurance--they just don't. There should no reason why those shouldn't be held accountable who can pay for it but refuse. That what this ACA does. Those who can afford it are held accountable. Those who cannot are given supplemental payments to help them pay.

Of course it's not a perfect solution--Obama admits that--but let this be a starting point on which to improve upon this program. Everyone one time or another requires healthcare without exception. Let's make sure everyone puts some of their skin into the game. Not just the ones who always end up picking up the tab for those less responsible and who can afford it.

Any one who truly believes some people are getting a free ride should support the ACA blemishes and all. Let's fix this to make it better--not eliminate what's been started.

I tend to think most have the attention span of a three year old and who won't spend one damn minute watching this video. Prove me wrong. Go ahead-- I dare ya!

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