Friday, January 6, 2017

Mother Of All Black Holes

Here I go again postulating another one of my crazy theories. This one concerns the existence of Black Holes.

NASA explains-- As objects' speed increases towards a black hole time slows down until they reach the event horizon where it enters an area where time ceases to exist. Another predictable is-- as objects approach the speed of light their mass grows infinitely larger (m=E/c²).

Lets apply these known facts to our universe. Could it just be "dark matter" is not responsible for our ever increasing universe's expansion. Rather instead could it be our entire universe is being drawn ever faster and more spread out towards the spherical borders of the mother of all black holes?

This Would Explain A Few Things..
(1) The seemingly unlimited ever growing tremendous size of our universe's ever increasing mass.
(2) The universe appearing to be billions of years old (due to time dilation).
(3) Why we haven't found any positive proof of black matter's existence.

Accepting This Theory Leaves Us With Unanswerable Questions.
Since black holes alter time it can be thought of in this way. Take one minute of video. Slow it down sixty times. It would last for an hour. Now imagine slowing it down hundreds of times more. It would seem to last forever as if almost standing still. So is our universe a part of a big bang that lasted for minutes or billions of years? Einstein's formulas have all been proven true. We may never know since we have only a limited view.

What happens when our universe hits the point where time ceases to exist inside of what we might conceive to be an infinitely large black hole? Taking a more optimistic view-- perhaps where aging no longer exist replaced by the infinity of all things. Perhaps completing the cycle before all came into existence through the creation of time itself in which all was formed..

On the other hand I may be a looney-toon living in a land of pixie dust. If that's the case...

Anyways... No One Can Say This Blog Is A One Note Song

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