Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mayor Ed Pawlowski Will Run For 4th Term

4 To 1 Odds
Even he's arrested by the FBI and convicted anyone wanna bet he still won't win?


  1. With all these candidates running in the Democratic primary it would appear Mr.Pawloski will win .The smart move would be a have someone legitimate on the Republican primary ballot to offer a alternative to Mr. Pawloski in the general election

    1. According to The Morning Call--"Allentown developer Nat Hyman, a longtime Democrat, is entering the race for city mayor as a Republican." However given Allentown voters past record I doubt his chances. We've had wonderful people like one term councilman Tom Burke tossed aside. It seems the only thing that matters is a "D" following the candidates name-- PERIOD!

      This number of Democrats running is going to confuse the hell out of these low information voters. Sadly what it will come down to is name recognition. Therefore I'm not too confident this election will turn out any different then all the others.


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