Thursday, January 5, 2017

Each Of These Dots Marks A Galaxy

3% of the 1.2 million known galaxies (50,000 dots)

I found this article fascinating so I decided to share the above link. This-- as it always does-- got me to thinking... (1) In the big scheme of things we don't mean diddly squat.
(2) Because of our age-- how many other galaxies may lie beyond who's light has not reached us yet?
(3) How could all of this come from nothing? Some say God-- yeah well the little kid in me then ask where did she/he/it come from?
(4) Still others theorize none of this exist except for the dream state we're in. Yeah well then-- exactly who the hell is this "we" and how'd we come into such a state of existence either?
It seems for every question answered spawned are several more questions needing answers. I like a good mystery as much as anybody but this is wack!

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