Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Court Clerks Turn On Former Northampton County Judge

Bully judge ignored warnings about misconduct, clerk testifies
By Sarah Cassi | For (01/18/2017)
"After a meeting with Northampton County's president judge in which he was warned about cursing around his staff, then-District Judge David Tidd walked into his office and let loose a string of expletives that rhyme with the word truck, a clerk testified....

The first of what is expected to be six of Tidd's former clerks took the witness stand Wednesday morning in Tidd's trial in Harrisburg on allegations of judicial misconduct...

Tidd resigned his seat last summer. He maintains a private law practice in Berks County, where he now lives."

My Comments
Good riddance. Northampton County already has enough problems to deal with. Kudos to the clerks for standing up.

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