Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Closing of the Reading, Pa. Bike Hub Pump Track

Well that didn't last long.

The effort began in Spring 2016.

Apparently it won't see 2017.

The volunteers and staff of the Reading Bike Hub as they meet to discuss the closure of the newly constructed Popup Pump Track. (January 2017)

Video Courtesy Reading Magazine

Reading Bike Hub Pump Track on Twitter
Reading Bike Hub Pump Track HOMEPAGE

Like she said--it appears the City of Reading wasn't too hot on the idea since it's inception. According to WFMZ (08/30/2016)-- "A new bike pump track in Reading has revitalized a vacant lot, but it's also sparking safety concerns. "The city became aware of some safety conditions when visiting the park... "Before this was a pump track, this was an abandoned lot, not cut, not maintained, and when we cleaned the lot out there was beds, trash, needles, drug baggies, 40 bottles all over," said Jason Orth, manager of the Reading Bike Hub. Orth said he received an email from Reading City Council saying the track could possibly close."

I'm not familiar with this group but looking over some of the pictures they posted it seems to me the City Of Reading might want to reconsider a more positive attitude towards them. It seems a bit of a shame since this seems like a very sincere grassroots effort on their part.

It also seems to be another example where a city is more concerned about gentrifying then supporting those who live within. I'm not sure whether the City of Reading intends to work with this group in the future. Ignoring them won't make them go away. Community involvement is far too important an issue to disparage. Rather one which should be encouraged.

All too often it seems to me these are the people forgotten by city planners. Hopefully things will not turn out to be the case here.

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