Saturday, December 17, 2016

Voting Recounts Questions Remain

"In the 2016 Wisconsin presidential recount, Liz Whitlock and her team find an error rate of almost 5% in the optical scanner vote in ward 1 of the Village of Elmwood Park. A similar error rate applied across all of Wisconsin’s 2,976,150 votes – could produce an error of 140,000 votes. Trump won Wisconsin by 22,000 votes."

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Philly rejects forensic audit of voting machines

This isn't about Trump or Hillary the Democrats nor Republicans. It's about the election process itself.

I've been told time again there's no way these machines could be infected if not connected in some way. This overlooks the fact each of these machines had to be loaded with the candidates running for office. Other then hand entered via a keyboard each and every one of these machines used a memory card of some sort to load information. Therein lies the problem. All it takes is one very cleverly designed master program to infect all the rest once these duplicate cards are inserted to list the candidates in each and every machine..

Such would be the same with automatic hand ballot counting machines as well.

This is not to say it happened-- nor does it say it didn't. Voters deserve to know.

Although hand tabulations may take forever-- it's the only way to trust in free and honest election results. Anyone who's been around computers as long as I have know computers will say whatever you program them to do. In-so-much as this election was decided by machines I'll never fully trust the results without fully verifying the software wasn't compromised.

Apparently something these folks and the courts are unwilling to do.

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