Sunday, December 18, 2016

Voting Recounts Questions Remain (Cont'd)

"This is the opening ten minutes of 'Hacking Democracy', HBO's Emmy nominated film that proved America's elections can be stolen using a few lines of computer code."


The point I'm trying to make is-- Jill Stein was prevented from verifying the software used in these machines in all three states-- including Pennsylvania. Here's the only way we'd know for sure everything was kosher...

Springfield, Massachusetts (October 2016)

As far as I can tell-- before the recounts were stopped-- none of these machines were tested in such a manner. Nor were hand recounts allowed.

Here's one more clip in which Allentown, Pennsylvania's voting machines were specifically mentioned..

As I mentioned in my previous post this isn't about Trump/Clinton, Republicans/Democrats but rather whether machines could have possibly been hacked.

Point is we'll never know since forensic investigation into the software itself wasn't allowed to proceed. As such I remain suspicious as to why this wasn't allowed. You'd think everyone from the top down would want to put these doubts to rest by conducting a full audit of these voting machines in a very public way like Springfield had done in October.

If not-- why not?

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