Monday, December 5, 2016

So Much Anger Over 2016 Elections

I'll admit it is very hard for myself not to be drawn in by all the drama surrounding the 2016 elections. I find it important to remind myself there's far more people who are not filled with anger or hatred like those who seem to be getting all the attention. This is why I'm posting this organizations work for the third time. Someone doing a keyword search of this blog "Playing For Change" will find two other times I posted on it.

I felt myself tempted to respond in several ways. One with anger. Another fact checking the nonsense going around. Still another criticizing those who further proliferate such divisions. Instead I decided to watch a few videos of people who do not walk in such darkness. The kind of people of this world who serve to inspire and lead with their kindness and happiness no matter the obstacles they have to overcome each day. They serve to bring out the best inside of each and everyone of those willing to accept we are all one with the same hopes and dreams.

I for one wish to follow this group's example over the all so many others who refuse to accept our commonality. I reject the words and deeds of those who lead us into darkness. My deafness is upon them.

No outside force can uproot what is one's heart Reality is whatever we wish to make it for ourselves. Each can choose that which poisons or nourishes the soul. Each are accountable for the decisions they make in this life and perhaps which will lead them beyond to the next.

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